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Slave Rules

These rules have been approved by Master Ubar, so whining to Him will get you nothing but more trouble.

  • The first, and primary, duty of a kajira is exquisite beauty and absolute obedience.
    That means every step, every move, you fill with descriptions, painting a picture with your words. That also means no matter what you do not question an order, period. The only response should be 'Yes, Master' or 'Yes, Mistress'. If an explanation is wanted it will be asked for.
    'What is the duty of a slave girl' I inquired. 'Absolute obedience' she said, frightened. 'What are you?' I inquired. 'A slave girl,' she said. 'What is your duty?' I asked. 'Absolute obedience,' she cried out."
    Hunters of Gor, p 258

  • Each slave is responsible for knowing the rules of Ko ro ba. There are different customs in different homes. Ko ro ba is your home now and its rules are the only rules that you follow.

  • When entering the City, your entry post should be a detailed description of you entering the Hall and moving to kneel in the serving furs, or if you are a personal slave, to your Master or Mistress' furs.

  • When entering, set your screen back at least 15 posts to allow you to see what is happening in the room.

  • After entering the Hall, a slave should greet in the following order:
  • his/her Master or Mistress, if a personal slave
  • Ubar
  • Free members of Ko ro ba (Masters then Mistresses)
  • Visiting Frees (Masters then Mistresses)
  • other slaves (Greet everyone, Free and slave, whether they are in private conversations, the furs, in the middle of a serve, etc.)
    A slave will not always be greeted in return. You can be sure your greeting was seen and if it is not returned, assume the Master or Mistress is busy and doesn't need to be reminded that you have entered.

  • All Frees are to be greeted as Master or Mistress. If Their name is not gender specific, use "Master" and if corrected, beg the mercy of the Mistress. Make a note of Her name to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

  • After greeting, a slave offers to serve in the same order as he/she greeted. Do NOT offer to serve in one general post. Offer each Master or Mistress individually.

  • When a Master or Mistress enters the Hall, you greet only after they have been acknowledged by a Free member of Koroba. If no Master or Mistress of Ko ro ba is present, you may greet when the visiting Master or Mistress enters.

  • A slave always kneels in the presence of a Master or Mistress.

  • A slave never apologizes for a mistake. A slave begs the mercy of a Master or Mistress, in hopes of being granted forgiveness and possibly avoiding being punished.

  • A slave's last words in any discussion with a Master or Mistress are "Yes Master" or "Yes Mistress."

  • Negative attitudes will not be rewarded. No crying, no sad faces, no "stunts" to bring attention to yourself. As a slave you will bring attention to yourself by serving from your belly, by pleasing, flirtatous, but not by trying to kill yourself, or coming in the room crying and bringing everyone into your bad day. If you are having a bad day you should stay away from the City. It is a slave's job to give of herself 100%, to be pleasing at all times.

  • Never touch a weapon. To do so could result in death. The exceptions to this rule are:
  • When pulling a quiva or arrow from a wound, ask permission to remove it, wrap it in a cloth and lay it beside the Master or Mistress you are treating.
  • Ulos, cutting shells, scissors, needles, razors and any other "sharp" devices that a slave would use in performing her chores may be used without permission.

  • NEVER touch money with your hands. If offered coins, they should be carried in your mouth or in a pouch your Master or Mistress has tied to your collar.

  • NEVER strike a Master or Mistress. This is punishable by torture or death by impalement.

  • If anyone pm's you without permission, you are to inform them, in public that pm's are not allowed without prior permission. If a second pm is sent without permission, it is to be posted in the room and you are to ignore all pm's until permission is requested.

  • Don't abuse permission to pm a Master or Mistress. If you need to ask a question, or make them aware of something private, do it and then return your conversation to the Hall.

  • Ubar will pm without permission when needed.

  • NO Curiosity. This one should be simple but most miss the point. It means if you are not involved, its not your business. You don't "look" "think" "wonder" or offer comment on it, you go about your duties like it is not even happening because for you it is not.

  • ANYTHING with or without reason may be done to a slave.

  • A slave has NO rights. Not even the right to breath or live

  • A slave may never private message a Free Person without permission for any reason.

  • A slave stays busy. In city you should be serving, doing chores, helping a sister or studying. If you are studying, do not neglect the City, look up from your studies from time to time and make sure you don't miss anyone that enters.

  • Public furring is not allowed in Ko ro ba.

  • If you are kneeling before a Master or Mistress, or in their lap, you ALWAYS request permission to greet as people enter.

  • Slaves are expected to spend as much time as possible in the City, even if it's empty. (It won't be if you show up.)

  • Slaves are never idle. If there is no Master or Mistress needing anything, you can do chores. Visit with the other slaves while you are doing chores. Slaves don't sit and chatter.

  • Don't let ICQ distract you from things happening in Ko ro ba.

  • All slaves of Ko ro ba, City and personal, are responsible for making Ko ro ba an enjoyable home for all Masters and Mistresses.

  • If alone in the City, a slave must only post their departure and then leave.
  • If a Master or Mistress is present, a slave must ask for permission to leave, three (3) times, waiting at least one minute between each post. If no response is given, the slave may leave.
  • Being booted from the City is NOT permission to leave. If you are booted, notify someone on Q (or by email if you don't have Q) and return to the City as quickly as possible. If you don't notify someone that you were booted, it will be assumed that you left without permission and you will be punished. Reds may only fur Members of the city unless prior arrangements have been made by their Master/Mistress, and a fee will be charged.

  • Travelling restrictions will be set by a slave's Master. If you are a City slave, the following apply to you.
  • Travelling is NOT permitted for any slave in a {KRB*} collar, or a training collar {KRB}.
  • City slaves that have reached the level of a kettle/mat slave may travel, after requesting permission from Ubar.
  • Ubar will decide on any travelling restrictions that He wishes to impose on each slave.
  • Serving in other homes is only permitted after being granted permission by the Ubar, or a girl's Master if she is a personal slave.

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